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Welcome to Fortune HR &
IT Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd :

We are a global one-stop company for all HR requirements - from Permanent Staffing, Tempary Staffing, Executive Search, HR Automation, Payroll Manage- ment / Appraisal, Training development and Outsourcing Solutions to Consulting Services .

Looking for Job
Looking for Job
Looking for People
Looking for People

Fortune HR & IT Consultancy Services Pvt.Ltd works on behalf of client companies to search for and recruit highly qualified professionals. All fees related to the search are client paid. In every search we develop a thorough understanding of the position specification, organizational structure and company culture, as well as the client's expectations for the prospective employee. We then search for the best candidates.

Most of the people we approach are not actively in the job market. Frequently they are qualified professionals in satisfactory situations, interested only in having exceptional career opportunities brought to their attention for serious consideration. We maintain a proprietary database of highly skilled and qualified candidates we also meet during searches.
How to Work with Us

Career development is a thoughtful and considered process. In exploring a career opportunity with your Fortune HR & IT Consultancy Services Pvt.Ltd, keep these important points in mind:

Be honest with us:
share not only your values and career aspirations, but also any obstacles to consideration of an opportunity.

  • Give us a complete description of your experience.
  • Provide us with solid professional references from people who are familiar with your work.

Fulfill your commitments: a follow-up call to us after an interview is an important part of the offer development process.

  • We understand how to match opportunity with the individual. Mutual cooperation is vital to that process.
We are acutely sensitive to your personal need for confidentiality as we address your questions and concerns. Our ongoing relationships with our clients often give us continued contact with candidates we place; therefore, we want only to make good matches. Encouraging an inappropriate career move would be contrary to our philosophy and counter-productive to maintaining good client relationships. We will ask for your time only when a genuine opportunity exists.
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