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Welcome to Fortune HR &
IT Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd :

We are a global one-stop company for all HR requirements - from Permanent Staffing, Tempary Staffing, Executive Search, HR Automation, Payroll Manage- ment / Appraisal, Training development and Outsourcing Solutions to Consulting Services .

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Looking for Job
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Looking for People

We take a three-fold approach towards introducing a brand new approach to fulfilling the Manpower recruitment needs of Today's Business world where precision and quality matters.

Step One – Screening of the proposed suitable manpower data based on the specific corporate needs and aspirations in regards to the manpower they are looking for. Specifications and Importance given to the different parameters of talent needed, sieved through parameters tailor-made according to client requirements.

Step Two – Filtering the cream out of the rest through the off campus-screening module according to the respective organization's parameters during the event drive. This ensures the filtering out the "Cream out of the rest". The specific pool of talent weaned through the off campus programmers gets further attention and time in being molded to be a complete package in regards to the client requirements which saves additional time and cost in hands of the company.

Step Three – Pruning the selected recruits, training them in regards to the company modules backed up by our extensive researched matter in light of the respective company policy, details, work environment, work culture and different other domains. So that by the time period they join in the company premises they are molded into an effective workforce who can from the first day be encoded into the work culture.

Backup activities of Fortune HR & IT Consultancy Services Pvt.Ltd:

  • Designing, printing and logistics/ distribution management of fresh application forms.(Offline/Online)
  • Management of inbound filled in application forms.
  • Processing of all inbound application forms (incl. required levels of data verification).
  • Generation of Hall tickets/ test admission tickets.
  • Dispatch of hall tickets/ test admission tickets to candidates.
  • Managing dispatches of other test related documents to test centers.
  • Set up "Help Desk" to handle all student queries writ. Application
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